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The Toughest Tarpaulin as per IS 14611-1998

New Silpaulin. A tarpaulin so superior, it, could give conventional tarpaulines a complex. SILPAULIN made from cross laminated plastic film - a revoulutionary concept in the evolution of the plastic films. Manufactured by The Supreme Industries Limited "XF Division" using state of the art technolgy - limited to only few compnaies in the world in technical collaboration with RPD Rasmussen Polymer Developmetn AG Switzerland.

General Applications

Covering machinery, raw material, packing material, finished products, paper cartons, protection for any transit materials, Shed coveres offering protection against Sun / Rain / Dew / Dust, Truck Tarpaulin, Privacy Walls, Camping Tents, Shelter for poor people / Temporary Shelter, Scaffolding at construction sites etc.

Agriculture Applications

Drying of Spices, Areaca nuts, Coconut, Rubber, Chillies, Turmeric, Grapes (Raisin) and other agricultural products, Fumigation of Tobacco Leaves, Food Grains, Grapes and other agricultural produce, Covering of agricultural produce (pre and post harvest sheets), Floor Underlays (Dunnage sheets), Small ponds for fresh Drinking Water, Farm Ponds for Cultivation, Fish Farming, Algae Cultivation, Ajola Farming, Rain Water Harvesting etc., Poultry Curtains and Roofs, Covering of Tendu Leaves, Tamrind & other Forest / Hill Produce.

  • Azolla Farming Nursery Sheets.
  • Plastics in Agriculture.
  • Agriculture tarpaulins.
  • Portable Garden Beds.
  • Plant Protection Sheets.
  • Fruit Ripening Chambers.
  • Poultry curtains and roofs
  • Silage Urea Enrichment Bags.
  • Portable vermi compost beds.
  • Floor underlays (Dunnage sheets).
  • Portable silpaulin plant nutrition bed (Hydro phonics).
  • Covering of tarpaulins, Forest produce (pre & post) harvest sheets.
  • Covering of tendu leaves, tamarind, and other forest / hill produce.
  • Fumigation of tobacco leaves food grains, grapes and other produce.
  • Drying of spices, areca nuts, coconut, rubber, chillies, turmeric, grapes (raisin) and other agricultural Forest produce


Available in conventional tarpaulin sizes - but also be tailor made to suite different requirements.

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